Known for being the place to look for art, photography, music and literature, designer clothes and food, 10 Corso Como is pleased to offer a beautiful place to stay for the night in the heart of Milan. It is called 3Rooms and this intimate hotel project offers to a weary traveler the personal hospitality of 10 Corso Como.  


Inside the courtyard of the traditional Milanese style palazzo which overlooks 10 Corso Como Cafe, open every day from 11am to 1am, a private entrance for each apartment will give guests access to their personal retreat: a true home away from home. 

Private and spacious, each apartment offers double bedroom, bathroom, living room and ample space for all personal items. 


The three suites are the same size, the unique furniture pieces and the colors vary from cool to warm, so temperament plays a role for guests as well. Double TV set and free Wi-Fi connection in each suite acknowledge the 21st century, but is the ‘slow breakfast’ one of the most unique trademarks of the 3Rooms.

3Rooms offer each guest, included in the price of the room, a breakfast ordered ‘a-la-carte’ the night before and served in the suite, inside the Cafe or, weather permitting, in the Cafe’s charming garden.

For information, bookings and any detailed requests for a stay, contact us:
Tel. +39 02 29013581