Sunday from my desk



I wanted to be in too many places this week!  So many events were happening, making a choice was difficult. In the end, Berlin and the opening of the new exhibition at the Helmut Newton Foundation won my heart…
But I am still dreaming to have been at the same time in Miami at Art Basel; at La Scala for the opera, and in New York at the Queen Sofia Spanish Institute to see the Delphos dresses designed by Mariano Fortuny.  The Delphos dresses took their name from The Charioteer of Delphi, a bronze statue found in 1896.  Fortuny, born in Spain but a resident of Venice and the cross currents of Byzantine and Ottoman influences, designed the Delphos and the now lost art of creating these amazing pleats. Today we talk a lot about registering ideas to protect your intellectual property……Mariano Fortuny regarded this dress as an invention,  and registered it in Paris in 1909!