Sunday from my desk


 Today, like most days now, more and more of what I read is from
the computer screen, even when I could be perhaps more quiet and with my
books. Here, just in front of my desk is a present from Silvia,
the Leporello unfolding book by Warja Lavater, a Swiss artist.
She was known for creating classic fairy tales as accordian art books
using images instead of words. Here the story of Don Giovanni’s amorous
conquests (all the kisses!) as they are noted down (and seen by the eye!)
of his faithful servant Leporello in Mozart’s opera. No website will
ever give the emotional feeling that paper – the touch, the smell, the
weight and the color that books can as they involve so much of the
senses. And color is such an important part of our emotions, so many
theories on the compositions of colors. Even today we do not know what
makes color, whether dark or light or psychedelic, only its beauty.