Trieste’s famous square at night.  Beautifully lit, it sits next to the seawall of the harbor and is like a dream always unfolding – opening the mind and spirit to the new, but grounded in an amazing past.  Like Venice, a trading city with both Asia and Europe, it has been a hub of literature and music.  Its history has been so diversified that it did not become united to Italy until 1954! I love to listen to the story of the bora winds, sometimes so strong that for days people cannot go out of their homes,
adventures here happen on land and sea.

The IT’s fashion competition 2014 has an intriguing title, “I will have a lucid dream”.
The finalists have a fashion show – a great showcase for their work.
This year, Katherine Roberts-Wood is by far the best. It was a mature vision, and beautiful in all aspects:  shapes, materials, colors, and image. Inspired by science and nature the collection by the British designer- who graduated this year from the Royal College of Art – was rightly announced as the winner of the Collection of the Year.

Japanese designer Takafumi Arai got a special prize for his beautiful handmade shoes, made with so much love, small treasures.

Nakazato, also from Japan, won a deserved prize for accessories.

A trip to Venice from Trieste is a short beautiful drive and a must with the Biennale of Architecture now going on. This is a show I make a point to see.  And now a drink at Sunset by the canal, looking over to the church of the Zitelle  – designed by  Palladio
in the XVI century, is another must before we leave.

Glaciers are the largest moving objects on earth, and on exhibition at La Biennale of Architecture in Venice there is a beautiful installation showing the constant shifting of one of these giants. The project, called Italian Limes, has installed a network of solar-powered GPS units on the surface of the Similaun glacier. Located on the border between Italy and Austria, this real time presentation shows the evolution of the border moving between these countries.  As glaciers recede, ancient objects are discovered.  This same glacier turned up “Otzi”, the 5300 years old Iceman.

Here, a photo of the section  of the Biennale in Venice dedicated to Milano and  the
exhibition curated by Giancarlo de Carlo in 1968 at the Triennale,. The theme was
“The Greater Number” and hosted international personalities like architects
Arata Isozachi, Aldo van Eyck, and the architectural group Archigram,
The Triennale was occupied by students on its opening day and the public
never saw it. I remember this well, as that year I was at the Bocconi University
and the 68’ revolution was in full force.

No architecture installation will ever beat the beauty of the Arsenale.  These structures are the symbol of Venice’s unrivaled naval power during the second millennium CE.
It is one of the largest shipyards in history.

The Prada Foundation –  an essential stop in Venice always, shows unusual and rare
exhibitions.  Curated by Germano Celant, this year’s  “Art or Sound”  explores the link
between art and music from the 16th century to today.
Duchamp,Cage,Rauschenberg,Artschwager, Beuys, Wesselman,Oldenburg,Laurie
Anderson, this show is worth a visit to Venice in itself.
My favorite is this “Bird cage” , 1964, by Joe Jones, Fluxus musician.


There is a section at the Biennale –  contemporary landscapes – where different weather conditions of Italian territory and social context are shown through unusual construction and projects. This little “Green Box”  in Cerido (Sondrio) is the dream house for many of us. From an abandoned little garage in the rear back of the house,  Act-Romegialli created this “green box” that changes with the seasons. It holds a kitchen, a room for conviviality and  gardening tools.  I remember amost 25 years ago also changing a garage into a green box, perhaps that is why I like this idea so much!