A beautiful pink sky to close Paris couture week.  So beautiful it seemed like theatre, a giant set over the Palais Galliera where the opening of the 50’s couture exhibition was held. From Christian Dior’s 1947 collection which redefined fashion codes, to all the great moments of a decade that is still so influential
in the world of today’s couture and beyond.

Happy to see the essence of Schiaparelli’s emblematic surrealism back in the couture collection by Zanini.  The beautiful shocking pink long coat.
And of course the Stephen Jones hats adding spirit to it all. My favorite: the bleeding heart embroidered on the black dress.

It is always surprising in Paris to be introduced to yet another incredible space – in this case, it was the set for the Artisanal collection of Maison Margiela at an old hot air balloon factory. A beauty in itself, it was the perfect stage for the beautiful vintage pieces revisited to give Haute Couture a contemporary dimension.

At the Couture exhibition at Galliera my favorite piece – and I know it should have been a dress – was this glove.  It is such a perfection and makes me dream of
how  I would wear it.

The garden fan of Le Printemps was a sweet way to advertise in the ’50’s.  An elegant subdued way of reminding everybody that they should shop there.  It seems the store had a tradition to hand out bouquets of violets on the first day of Spring.
A small gesture that revolutionized retail business practice.

A dream in the garden.  Flowers and fluffed skirts but with beautiful pajama shirts that bring the eye balance. The little bit of strictness that of course I love.

Experimentation is the DNA of the Maison Margiela, and surrealism has always been part of the collections. Here, a fragile masque, a purely emotional approach to add alchemy to the extraordinary outfits.

A surreal image, seen on a Paris street. The mannequin legs popping out of the garbage is a perfect picture to break the seriousness
of couture shows with a humorous smile.