StudiOlivierSaillard Moda Povera II


“For several weeks, several months, almost a year,
with no desire to impose upon them a season,
I draped T-shirts. With the precious help of seamstress Martine Lenoir,
following the movements of Axelle Doué and with Zoé and Gael,
faithful lovers of our research projects, we realized a singular collection.
We bought t-shirts of all sizes on the Internet. Archetypal of traditional contemporary clothing and common
to all societies and geographies, the t-shirt is ennobled by the knowledge of Martine Lenoir and Axelle Doué
who have both worked actively alongside Madame Grès as a seamstress and cabin mannequin.
In these nothing t-shirts, whose shipping costs were often higher than the cost,
the meticulous draperies drain the ordinary out of this daily garment and lead to the territories of a very high fashion.
No motives, no embroidery, no ostentatious artifice other than the one made by our hands
assembled in the republic of a forgotten memory.
Each model is produced in 7 examples only, after the principle of artists’ numbered serigraphs.”

Moda Povera II

©Photo Ruediger Glatz_The New Black

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