Steve Harries Octopus opening on March 30


For its first collaboration with the Fondazione Sozzani in Milan, the Webber Gallery curate “Octopus” a photography exhibition by British artist Steve Harries, who explores the strength and fragility of global environment, through epic glacial landscapes, their age and history. Yet on reading the poem ‘An Octopus’ by American poet Marianne Moore (1924), Harries describes how his pictures took on a new meaning; beauty, presence, strength and power.

“As a photographer, the mountains arouse great curiosity and inspiration. The texture, formation and silhouette, and also their age and history. For the past 10 years I have been recording a portfolio based on their shape and geology from around the world. Subjects which have been studied in isolation and often clash. But sometimes also talk to each other with a quiet synergy.”
Steve Harries