“Armi Improprie” by Italo Cremona


Why these etchings, these wrong weapons? At the beginning, I thought to be able to explain my weapons with a comparison to those who, for some accidents, are due to stay in a home seclusion, and seem to be the prisoners who want to get away by threatening the guards with guns made of bread blackened with shoe polish. Italo Cremona


Etchings, 1968-71, April 8-13,  2014

In collaboration with the Museo Casa Mollino and Fulvio Ferrari, the Bookstore Carla Sozzani shows the “Armi Improprie” (wrong weapons) 30 etchings by Italo Cremona (Cozzo Lomellina, Pavia 1905 – Turin, 1979). Italo Cremona realized the “Armi Improprie” in 33 etchings, printed in editions of 20 and catalogued

in the volume “Italo Cremona’s engraved work “, Prandi Publisher.