Text messages from a person who is far away, recount two years of life in very few words.
Images without people try to convey the events narrated, recounting them in parallel in a visual language.
Without ever lousing a sense of mesure.“, writes Guido Scarabottolo in his postface.

Inspired by the true story of Songül, “the last rose” in Turkish,
this fairytale accompanys with telegraphic captions dreamlike images
taken from models specially created by the set designer Alberto Nonnato.
Photographs and texts by Serena Pea,
graphics curated by Guido Scarabottolo, Illustrator and Graphic designer,
published by La Grande Illusion of Giuseppe Zapelloni,
and perfectly introduced by Stefano Salis, sole 24 ore Cultural Editor
yesterday at the Fondazione Sozzani Bookstore.

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