A distillation of life, art and graphics through the voice of Giovanni Anceschi,
the editorial’s eye of Daniele Rossi and the memories of Maestro Sandro Mendini,
yesterday at the Galleria Carla Sozzani.

From the paintings by Achille Funi to the famous German High School of Ulm,
from the Gruppo T with Davide Boriani, Gianni Colombo, Gabriele De Vecchi and Grazia Varisco,
to the working experiences in Algeria and Siria,
talking eventually of visual poetry with the woman of his life, Milly Graffi.
A perfect balance of concept, form and design in their words
mirrored by the pure design of his book,
now published by Quodlibet.

si racconta Giovanni Anceschi
now available in the Bookshop and online


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