EDICOLA is nss factory‘s latest project
dedicated to photography, art and fashion,
their stories and their contemporary protagonists.

EDICOLA book 1
with photographs by:

Kent Andreasen, Giuditta Aresi, Federico Ciamei, Pietro Cocco, Toby Coulson,
Hubert Crabières, Vincent Delbrouck, Federico Ferrari, Martina Giammaria, Lara Giliberto, Jeff Hahn,
Anna Hahoutoff, Thomas Hauser, Alex Huanfa Cheng, Lucie Khahoutian,
Velérie Le Guern, Benoit Paillé, Clément Pascal, Scandebergs, Timothy Schaumburg,
Leonardo Scotti, Michele Sibiloni, Sir|Taki, Petra Valenti.

From May 4th, 2018
on show
at Galleria Carla Sozzani Bookshop.

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