CU@10CC on the Terrace


Natasha Slater cordially invites you to tapas under the stars.


Thursday 10th May from 7.30 pm to 10 pm

The Terrace at 10 Corso Como.

The 10 Corso Como Terrace is a magical place in the Spring.

Overlooking the café and gardens below, the Terrace offers a panorama of the new city around you, and perennial plants and seasonal roses as a backdrop,

what better place to rendezvous than at CU@10CC ?

The bookshop and galleria are also open until 11pm during the week for those wishing to see our current exhibitions, World Press Photo, Kris Ruhs “Resonances”

and Alice Springs photographs.

Please join us for cocktails and tapas style dining

from our special menu on Thursday, May 10th.

RSVP by writing to us at As space on the Terrace is limited.

We look forward to CU@10CC on the Terrace.