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“Architecture is no longer needed. The authentic architectural profession lies in revealing the space of the human mind.”

Provocative, radical and visionary; Italo Rota’s relationship with history is uninhibited and his work is a source for reflections. Born in Milan in 1953, where he studied architecture, his career soon took him to Paris where he oversaw work on the Musee D’Orsey, and curated several shows in the Centre Pompidou, “L’Image des Mots” and in 1986,” Creer dans le Cree”. He also curated an exhibition born from his work with B. Fortier d”Architecture: “La Metropole Imaginaire. Un Atlas de Paris” and in 1993 was curator at the Rodin Museum on pictorial photography.  Clearly his early studies in architecture were only the springboard into a far greater visualization and utilization of space and its occupants. Moving in the same direction as Superstudio and Archizoom, Rota’s visionary architecture grows from an all-embracing environment where space is liberated from architecture, or as he has observed, “Architecture is a strange beast that never adapts itself to life.” Life for Rota could be an object trouve, a piece of furniture or a color that gives life to space but is all encompassing without constraints. “A portable cosmology” presents unpublished drawings, maps, collages of ideas and visions of projects and explores the way Rota moves through his visual landscape. Internationally recognized, it seems fitting that in 2010 he was asked to renew space of the Museo del Novecento at the Arengario in Milan.  If there were a way to present the visualizing process of a creative intellect, Rota has succeeded in this marvelous volume.


COSMOLOGIA PORTATILE /A portable cosmology

Texts, drawings, maps, visions by Italo Rota

Quodlibet Publishing, 2013

24 x 17 cm, 300 pp., 23 euro

Please note, this book is available in Italian only.

On view and on sale @ 10 Corso Como Bookshop