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Gabriel Orozco


I do think in terms of a galaxy. A world of an artist generates planets and different constellations… the constellations of the world that the artist generates,

that I want to generate, is in costant movement.

The weight of each work is costantly questioned by the others”.

In astronomy, an asterism is a pattern of stars recognized on Earth’s night sky.

It may form part of an official constellation,

or be composed of stars from more than one.

Like constellations, asterisms are in most cases composed of stars which,

while they are visible in the same general direction, are not physically related,

often being at significantly different distances from Earth.

Incidental arrangements of shells, bulbs, buoys read as rudimentary maps of the night sky making up the asterisms by Gabriel Orozco. The oscillation between the micro and macro in Asterisms suggests how the infinite can be discovered in the infinitesimal and vice versa. These few, but perfect pages to introduce us

to the complexity of Gabriel Orozco’s obsession,

and in his desire to see a physical order in different time dimensions,

nurturing the bold idea to map the Universe with grains of sand.

This catalogue  has been curated by Nancy Spector on the occasion

of the exhibition at the Deutsche Guggenheim in Berlin in 2012

and prosecuted continued at the Guggenheim New York till last January 2013.

Gabriel Orozco


published by Guggenheim Museum Publications, 2013

29 x 22 cm; 119 pp

€ 60.00

Order online from 10 Corso Como Bookshop