Beauty in 10 Corso Como


10 Corso Como presents some of the best in perfumes of recent years: from classics such as Laboratorio olfattivo‘s Esvedra and Noblige; Escentric Molecules with Molecule 01 Patchouli; the iconic Comme des Garçons‘s Wonderwood; Maison Tahité with Carnal Cacao, and the very latest from Memo Paris, Ex Nihilo‘s Atlas Fever, and Bohoboco by Dark Vinil, winner of the Fragrance Foundation UK Award. From the masters of Matiere Premiere came Falcon leather, Masque Milano with Love Kills by Caroline Dumur and the latest additions to the OPERA collection White Whale and Sleight of Fern.  19-69 gave us Invisible Post.  Carine Roitfeld, Akro, Unum, Miller et Bertaux, joined the new trends of Atelier Materi, Meo Fusciuni and the brand new Encore du Temps; Maison Crivelli’s Patchouli Magnetike, was chosen by Thibaud and the beautiful Ormaie. In both scent and skin-care Byredo, Laboratorio Olfattivo, and Perennae by Eleonora Pratelli, and of course Augustinus Bader. Twelve Beauty by Spanish Pedro Catalá and the Swedish L:A Bruket create a well rounded selection.

Officina Botanica’s creations with native Italian plants completed the visual, tactile and olfactory experiences at 10 Corso Como.