It is called Furniture Fair but I prefer to call it only Design Week because it is so  much more about beautiful design, and so very little about furniture in the traditional sense. This week is the best of the whole year in Milano. It is the time of discoveries and enthusiasms. This is also a year which seems dedicated to Memphis, the genius of Sottsass and all the people who belonged the movement.



When I first heard of it, I thought it would not interest me, or that I really would not need it; today I cannot live without it. My beautifully designed and incredibly organized Apple watch. It has given me the most beautiful present  – freedom! I can leave my cell phone in a bag, or desk, or pocket, check messages with a glance and my hands are free!


A for Ab

Artisans for Art. Kris Ruhs’ movement starts from his heart and beliefs. His hanging installation opened on the occasion of the art fair – Miart –  is called “hanging garden” and is made of 22.000 pieces, each one of a kind, hand fashioned and made by himself and his two persons studio. Magic and poetic, as only real art can be, the transfer of emotions in hand crafted artisanal works is clearly seen here.



A great architect and designer, a great lady, one of the great innovators of our times. Cini Boeri, now over 90 years old and still engaged in life gave a beautiful and poetic speech on our terrace – the evening was warm and beautiful, her speech was touching, her new work “Ledera” is a beauty of creativity and technology.
I wish it was a jewel I could wear. Such clarity.




For me, it will be Sottsass for ever – in creativity; in heart; and wonderful memories. Thanks to Barbara. So many beautiful evenings we spent all together.


Du Pasquier

I know Nathalie first of all as a deeply spiritual person and a faithful friend, and I think that it is rare to find also the combination of a great artist and designer in one individual. Her book is inspiring and the presentation was a emotional.



Limited editions are clearly the future in all fields of creativity. In a world of fast communication, we all want to be the first, or one of the few to see and have, a limited number. Here my favorite piece this week: the Gavina limited edition mirror of the famous Man Ray lips. In green.