Blue is the color of love, trust, honesty. The color of peace and tranquility.
The sky in Paris tonight, with a new moon growing, creates a sense of calm.
A deep sense of spiritual peace and freedom.


Schermata 2015-01-24 alle 22.53.34

Coats, gilets with slogans and cartoons, down to the floor length white shirts:
at first sight I was reminded of Martin Margiela’s uniforms but in fact both
Simons and Margiela are from Belgium. Same culture, backgrounds and traditions.
In this case the tradition ofthe end of the first 100 days at college,
white coats and graffiti.


Schermata 2015-01-24 alle 22.55.57

Another brand lost this season the name of its creator; after Saint Laurent lost “Yves”, this season Maison Margiela lost “Martin”. Fashion goes on. The coats and waistcoats seemed to be findings from the flea-markets that Martin Margiela and John Galliano both loved to visit. A perfect coordination of a love they shared is seen here.


Schermata 2015-01-24 alle 22.50.14

A collection with many meanings and I am sure more than I have thought of.
The classic tailoring worn with graffiti pants, making an imaginative bridge between
the conservative and the very new.


Schermata 2015-01-31 alle 13.45.49

Very tight, second skin, graffiti uniforms at the Comme des Garçon show, were designed by a tattoo artist. But also amazing in the same show were the pure white jackets with Roger Ballen’s often disturbing photographs on them.



When I did Roger Ballen’s catalogue for his exhibition here at the gallery in 2003,
I never, ever thought I would see his work as graffiti on clothes on the catwalk
of a  fashion show. Here, my favorite of his pictures. Roger Ballen is a wonderful
artist and a beautiful person.



Blue shirts have been the signature color of Comme des Garçons Shirts since its inception, the color is as persistent and determined as its brand.



Lots of pale blue and pale pink, soft colors carrying strong meaning and messages.
It sends his message with love and peace.


My respect and admiration for Walter
has been growing over the years, all of his world is unique.
He has been and still is a pioneer in the creation of the new.