On a sunny Sunday in Milano, and all these stars inspired by Cocteau are hanging in the courtyard welcoming everyone to the event in the store; it is men’s fashion week here .  And the week has started in London with a memorable fashion moment: Maison Margiela setting a new direction to a new era with John Galliano.  For people like me, who have been Margiela “girls” for twenty five years this is a momentous turning of a page.



If a symbol for Margiela is needed, this is the one that comes immediately to my mind, reflecting all the memories. Since the first collection in Paris in 1989, it was clear that his work would influence not only me, but all the people for whom authenticity is the driving force. It was time to put an end to the consumption of the 1980’s.

  3   WHITE 1nd3b

All the DNA of Margiela – seams inside out, period clothes, linings and canvas, canvas patterns, tailors’ pieces…and white,white,white. The most striking part to see was the idea of the two collections crossing over, one side all color, the other side all white – Margiela white – beautiful, beautiful.



Following in the steps and the credo of the founder “going forward by looking back”, a new era for Maison Margiela starts under the direction of one of the most acclaimed designers of our time, John Galliano.



Male and female. Here, the black tailored men’s suit is my favorite; with the nude top – a piece of desire.

Scan049 20 years ago

That was the year Martin Margiela decided to present a whole new experience. So different from the standard fashion shows. From New York to London, Tokyo and Milano, 12 outfits were worn by friends and customers. Here in Milano, in our courtyard, ready for the show, 20 years ago: a memorable moment of energy and creativity.



Silvia has always been a Margiela fan; a follower from the first collection, as I was. Not working yet together, we were both wearing and collecting and happy to find we share this passion between us. Today, we are nostalgic, but it is good to see that the DNA of the Maison is going on; watching with curiosity to see the further steps; wishing future will be a beautiful surprise.