It has been a week of traveling and toasts between Beijing, Seoul, Shanghai and then back to Beijing. Not a second did I feel tired, remembering with every energy swing as I crossed in and out of airports the lesson of my father, “Never say – I am tired. Never say – I have no time”. Here, sitting at the table of the new lounge area of
10 Corso Como in Beijing I have time to rest and a toast.


In Beijing time dissolves and night and day melt into each other. We are all happy when the moment to open arrives. Here, a picture where we have all finally stopped working and celebrate our work – we have been together now for two weeks – a new family.

Scan002 copia 5

Friendship makes a family and is the first value in life; here with my family of election: Bettina, Silvia, Azzedine, Caroline, and a new great friend, Cyril.

Scan002 copia 6

A toast, this time a great surprise organized by Charles Park, the first supporter of
10 Corso Como in Seoul: the “founders” of 10 Corso Como gathering together for the first time in seven years; everyone sharing their stories of the opening crazy time – and toasting with joy. Aeda, chef Han, Nayong, Borami, Charles, Hosung.

Scan002 copia 2 SHANGHAI

In Shanghai’s restaurant with Chef Corrado and Roberta it is always a pleasure to have dinner and taste Corrado’s perfect dishes by candlellight. Reflections of light making the evening drift into infinity.

Scan002 copia 3

Here in Beijing is also the feeling of being at home in the newly designed restaurant by Kris. This is the first picture we have sent to welcome our new Chef Diego and his Italian cuisine.

Scan002 copia 4 CORRADO

Chef Corrado takes the restaurant and staff through a trial run in the Beijing kitchen preparing our first dinner in Beijing and smoothing the way for Diego’s arrival.


So happy they could come all the way to join the opening party in Beijing! Thank you!



Here, a way of interpreting the fragility and tender beauty of nature, a tree of life, with no seasons, made of wire and ceramic, but mainly made with love by Kris and Caterina and Francesco who for months have worked at it with the same love.



Kris is almost sad that the process of building is finished. What he cares for the most is the creative process of constructing something. When it is done, it is so much less interesting for him – but a joy for us to see it realized.