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 We all dream about castles in the sky and envision new projects, but when you really start to lay your hands on the materials, and spend the thousands of hours of handwork needed to bring from the chaos – real beauty – for me it will always be the most inspiring part of life.  And the chaos of opening 10 Corso Como in Beijing has not disappointed…it is another chance to admire Kris’ work where truly his artist’s eye is the calm center of the storm from which the dream is born.1


The line and the circle are motifs that will never be exhausted.  So many ways to explore the relationship between the two. Here, polishing hundreds of fragile ceramic circles into the curtains that will hang by the windows, and carefully joining them together sit Silvia and Francesca. When hung they make a beautiful sound,
like the music of wind chimes in the garden.


Silvia has been with me since the first dream of 10 Corso Como Milan.  She has for so long been with me that sometimes I think she can read my mind.
Her presence in Beijing is fundamental as we fly to finish for the opening!


fraFirst Shanghai, this is Francesca’s second hands on experience opening 10 Corso Como. Away from her gallery desk into the dust of creative action, she seems to enjoy this experience, and surely she has been great help!



Even in the most chaotic moments, women think jewels!
The never tired Valentina offers a special, precious support to us all. She has been participating in all 10 Corso Como openings – two in Seoul,
then Shanghai, and now Beijing.



Another member of Milan’s team whose smile drives us for hours. Endless energy given for this, the third 10 Corso Como opening he has participated in.


Thanks to Cyril and his team, fashion and objects of beautiful design,
now fill the new 10 Corso Como.



These bouquets of happy flowers are in Milan, Seoul, Shanghai and now here in Beijing to share their joy with every visitor.



 Always smiling Zoe – hundreds of flowers of the great
dream forest grew from her hands.


The new 10 Corso Como team assembles acres of white porcelain flowers to fill our dream gardens, an endless work of fantasy and creation.



In every 10 Corso Como, the question of light and its reflections are always given pride of place.  Here, the dream forest begins to flow from the lights above.
– a project of unique handmade pieces; each small white raku fired clay “stem” will hold a handmade flower wrapped in golden wire. Thousands of flowers blooming in the
10 Corso Como pleasure garden in Beijing, thanks to Kris.