It is Indian summer in Paris.  While I am not aware of the origin of this expression – in Italy we call it “St Martin’s summer” it is how we all now describe these wonderful warm days that give us the last kiss of summer.  How important the weather is to our moods, and feelings, as I watch out of the now open window at my desk for perhaps the last time this season

“Word around town” as they say in the gossip columns, is that John Galliano will soon be the creative director of Maison Margiela.  Here, Silvia in the Paris Margiela showroom wondering what will happen to her most beloved brand since its inception.


The Vuitton foundation – art museum and cultural center – will open its doors at the end of October.  This week, it was the stage for the show of the collection by Nicolas Guesquière. Arriving too late for the show, which had started right on time, I enjoyed taking pictures of the impressive new Frank Gehry building.

The fascination with the 70´s continues.  At the Saint Laurent collection by Hedi Slimane, the Al Eide sound track of “Un, Deux, Trois…” carried us all away to some great memories of earlier shows. And the cherry prints made me think of my dear friend Walter Albini, a 70´s iconic designer who also loved turbans.


Rossy de Palma, actress, singer, dancer and fashion icon, changed the rules of beautiful with her performance in the Almodovar movie “A woman on the Edge of a Nervous Breakdown”. Here, on stage at Alaia’s evening soirée for the presentation of Marc Newson’s new Apple watch design. Nobody knows much about this new watch and what it does – I am curious to see how this will change our life further.

Also from Spain, Li is a choreographer, film director, actress, and dancer. Singing and dancing with Rossy – they transformed the evening into an entertainment treat. Here singing lying on the piano of Jeff Cohen.

Accompanied by the great pianist Jeff Cohen, baritone Edwin Crossley-Mercer, surprisingly joined the stage and gave all of us a generous and outstanding impromptu performance.

The really big surprise of the evening was Azzedine Alaia singing Rossini’s
“miau miau”, the humorous duet for two cats. What a beautiful voice.
Truly a man of so many talents.