It is August 10th and tonight is the full moon and the start of three days of meteor showers – the Perseids.  In Italy it is called the night of the shooting stars and a popular movie was made with that name.  It is a sad movie, as the end of the summer season is always triste – sad. This moon being close to the earth now will look bigger, and since everything these days must have a name, the press calls it a SUPER moon.  Whatever its name, it will be a big night.

I traveled with the moon on Monday night back from Shanghai and everybody was talking about the ghost festival, I never heard about before.
In Asia, the 7th month of the lunar calendar is a time when the worlds are very close. The gates of hell are open and spirits come into our world.  At the beginning of the festivals you burn paper money and other items that the ghosts can use in hell.  On the full moon, August 10th, big festival banquets are set out to feed the hungry ghosts.  It is a good time to be generous.  Everyone makes sure their dead ancestors are honored and other spirits helped to ease their suffering.

When it comes to silhouettes, the ’50’s and 60’s are the best.
Fashion was never so body conscious before.
Here, a picture of Bettina Graziani in a photo by Henry Clarke,1950.
She is wearing a Christian Dior dress.

Horst is one of my most loved photographers, his elegance is unequaled, so how happy I was to find this picture Horst took of Bettina
for Vogue in 1957 as I was researching the show.
She is wearing a Jacques Fath dress.

At lunch at the long table in Azzedine Alaia’s kitchen, a meeting point for so many interesting people, I met Bettina.  Although her life is  fascinating; what attracts me to her is how she stays focused in the present moment; muse to fashion, counselor to many, a friend to writers, actors and artists throughout a long career, if I look only at the photographs taken of her by all the great masters, it is easy to lose sight of the woman who made all of these things happen; easy to be swept into her glamorous past.  Curating a show of  photographs of Bettina, has made me an even bigger fan of hers and admire how she has truly embraced life.

A very unusual group! , with Bettina too, It was for Life magazine,
by photographer Gordon Parks, 1950.