Sunday in Shanghai. While I work at a table in the restaurant, the sunlight and the good vibrations coming from the golden roofs of the temple next to us, and the vibrant Shanghai underneath, make me pause to realize I am in another city today, the memories of this week in Beijing and Seoul placed safely in my mind and heart.

Landing in Beijing, we go straight to a tea ceremony master.  The ritual is so spiritual and beautiful, experienced with all the senses.  Breaking with his hands the delicate seventeen year old tea brick, pouring the water, and drinking the ginseng tea he prepared especially for me was a great help for my vocal cords.

We finished the day at a Temple restaurant dinner -a true beauty in terms of culture
and cuisine –  after having been planning the new future 10 Corso Como
in Beijing at Shing Kong Place…a most famous destination in China.
We are all proud to soon be opening in Beijing.

Finally home. One cannot pick where one is born, or the family one is born into, but I am in Seoul, truly my “home by election” after Milano. Here with Azzedine Alaia, my “family by election”.  He is the best of  friends,  and the best designer – always so
open and happy to be with Seoul’s 10 Corso Como team, as they are happy
to be with their star designer.

Another wonderful dinner in Seoul.  A beautiful garden place filled with history and great cuisine. Korean cuisine is one of my new delights. It is so alive, so clean and light, vegetables and fish, vegetables and meat….eighteen courses balanced as though they were one thought…here with Azzedine in the garden after dinner.

Rainy day in Shanghai.  Cao took a picture of Kris and me and called it “the black couple”. His photographs continue to show a keen eye over the year he has been with 10 Corso Como. He tells us that it is Chinese St Valentine’s day, 2nd of August.
A beautiful photo.

It seems in Shanghai Kris team works and works, but with striking results. Nothing is better than artisanal work. The hand made objects of all kinds are such a contrast in
a country of technology, everybody wants real life!

I arrive in Shanghai, and go to Shanghai Exhibition Center. This building was a “gift” to China from Russia in 1954 and the architecture is either loved or hated. It is now a current exhibition center with a major photography show coming next month. Today we saw the beautiful work of Peng Mingliang. I had the privilege to visit his studio a year ago, and it is always interesting to see the impact of architecture
rainbow round white lights passing over the walls.

A visit to K11 in Shanghai is inspiring. Adrian Cheng vision of seeing art and nature and creativity in our lives at every point is a rare vision. With so many projects across China to inspire and encourage young artists, it is quite incredible to see in the same place a farm and a museum level exhibition. “Metamorphosis of the virtual” is about digital art today, showing famous international artists. And on the third floor a real farm!