This Sunday being my birthday everything looks happy and colorful to me.
Surrounded by love and true friends, I understand so well how privileged I am.  I was born lucky – born on a Sunday.  Born in beautiful Mantua, a city of art and beauty which has not changed since the middle ages.
At its heart, the Palazzo Ducale – for 400 years the home of the Gonzaga family. Few know of this treasure, but it is the largest residence in Italy after the Vatican, and also filled with the art of Raphael and Correggio.  So today I am dreaming of Italy, but happy in Paris at the men’s fashion shows.

An unexpected guest at my birthday dinner (on tv) Suor Cristina singing.
She has just won the 2014 Voice of Italy contest.
The 25 year-old nun has a great voice. She wears her own clothes, an unusual outfit for a performer these days for sure.

Memories reflected in the clothes and in the images; memories of Japanese influence, memories of horror movies, memories in the photo of Simons himself in a Superman
t-shirt. Also, great memories of friendship, and all illuminated by the
retro ‘70’s red and green dramatic lighting.
All good moments to remember.

The toes of the shoes here were strikingly to the point, but the idea of war and battles was not in the air – it was all about peace – to think about and to feel,
as it said on the clothes,  “Peace”, “Love”, and “Emphathy”.

Why I love fashion. There are so many interesting stories.  Here, the poulaine – or crakows. Incredibly popular in the 14th and 15th centuries,
the name comes from the capital of Poland – Krakow. They had extremely long toes, and strangely enough were worn more by men than women, who also carried on the style longer. Even today there are web sites where these shoes and other period shoes can be bought. Of course the shoes were impossible to run in.
It is said that at the Battle of Nicopolis, 1396, Crusaders were obliged to cut off the tips of the shoes to be able to run away.

Back to Japanese traditions and roots; traditional patchwork, seen in the classic Japanese wardrobe of workers and peasants, brilliantly re thought. Beautiful Japanese flowers and sumo hairstyles on the models, and the sound of the traditional Japanese instrument, Koto, filling the room.

Here, a truly good moment in fashion. Everybody in the fashion world felt this. A zen collection with samurais and gurus, memories that spoke to the soul. And talked of peace. So rare in spirit and a good beginning from a young designer.