The Paris skies – nothing more can be said. There is nothing more striking than Nature and never will be, especially over Paris in the Spring. There is no place more beautiful to stop on my way to Shanghai this week.

I am always proud when one of our great contemporary Italian artists is seen outside of Italy.  Here, at the opening of the Lucio Fontana exhibition in Paris. Pioneer of abstraction, he also created sensory environments with neon signs like this one, a beautiful room in which to get lost. This exhibition at the MAM traces the length of his career with over 200 pieces – a unique journey.

A controversial piece, which I didn’t know. It was intended to be an outside piece by Fontana, now restored to new. The holes were supposed to have grass growing through them, Fontana’s concept of the interaction between the space and the work, but with his unique imagination.  The “Concetto Spaziale”, 1952 is a brand new flower, brought back to life.

Thinking of Italians in Paris, in a conversation with friends at the exhibition of Fontana we came across  another great Italian name ,this time a fashion artist. Here, a detail from this beautiful dress by Roberto Capucci. No wonder he inspired so many designers and will always be a point of reference for those who appreciate the Italian couture traditions.

Art in Shanghai is always exciting.  The Power Station of Art presented this striking installation, a work of Yin Xiuzhen called “One Sentence” from 2011,  that made me feel right at home. All my friends were telling me “you must see the 10 Corso Como circles”  and of course, everyone shares the Sun circle, it is the great artists that make it be seen and admired.  Art always welcomes recognition.

The Power Station of Art, with the Musée d’Art Moderne de la ville de Paris has joined together for this new exhibition, Decorum.  First presented in Paris, this project is a joint exhibit of contemporary art textiles, and historic carpets gathered from around the world with the addition of Chinese works.  China was the starting point of the Silk Road and their history in tapestries and fabrics certainly rivals the West. Here, a beautiful hanging dream carpet by Olga de Amaral, ”Brumas” 2013,made of linen,gesso and acrylic. If I was a bird I would get lost in this magnificent flying carpet.

The Decorum exhibition at Power Station has also exhibited this young Mao image, quite exceptional.  A wool carpet from the Tianjin Carpet Factory, it is called, “Chairman Mao goes to Anyuan.” It is after a famous portrait showing a young Mao on his way to help in a miner’s strike.  It is said that over nine hundred million posters were printed of this image.  It is said to have been painted by Liu Chunhua, a Red guard studying at the Academy of Arts, and been collectively designed by a group of students.  The red umbrella under his arm is meant to express his long journey over mountains and rivers, in all weather, to bring hope to people.

It has been a while since I have been to a night club, so it was a fun moment – maybe. I must confess, I am not much for dancing, but for sure it is always beautiful to be with real long time friends, and in Shanghai.