One travels in the mind, or travels through books, and lately I must travel across the world, and they all mix together when I have a 12 hour flight.  The mind travels faster than the plane, planning what I will do when we land, but traveling really broadens my mind, I think more than reading. Meeting new people, experiencing new things, seeing different cultures and hearing different languages – in short –

I prefer to “write the book “ not,  “read the book”.

The Tony Viramontes exhibition is now at 10 Corso Como in Seoul to celebrate the 6th year of our opening here. Dean Rhys Morgan came and gave a beautiful lecture to fashion students. His book on Tony is wonderful and his knowledge of illustrations is remarkable.  This is the kind of history that is so rare, to present Dean was a great pleasure for us.

J. was a model for Tony Viramontes, and his arrival here was unexpected. To see him at the opening has been a time travel through my memories of the past, and he brought much fun to the event.   One of the first models who became “famous” in their own right, he participated in the US TV program “America’s top model”.   His book, “Follow the Model: Miss J’s Guide to Unleashing Presence, Poise and Power”, written by a real  star.

It is last day of Seoul Fashion week.  Held in March and October every year, there are always lots of designers to watch.  This year, 10 Corso Como hosted a lecture, reviewing the portfolios of up and coming designers from the schools in Seoul. It is especially interesting, and a moment to cherish.  Dean Rhys Morgan and myself, the editor of W Korea,Hye Joo Lee and Suk Hee Ko Professor at Samsung Art and Design Institute (SADI) had an afternoon seeing new talents – one of the best of all fashion experiences.

Time flies when interesting things happen, and it is really  hard to believe it has already been six years since the opening of 10 Corso Como in Cheongdam, the downtown part of Seoul.  This anniversary reminds me of other events there for each anniversary  – the exhibitions of Franco Fontana, Guy Bourdin, Paolo Roversi, Robert Polidori, Peter Lindbergh, and now Tony Viramontes.

More animals!  This time it was giraffes invading the 5th floor of Avenue L, Lotte’s flagship store, to celebrate the second anniversary of uptown

10 Corso Como in Seoul. The Eco shopping bag was a “welcome” to all our visitors and customers, a gift for the day.

Before leaving Seoul we always take a group picture, to say thank you to all the wonderful people working with me who keep 10 Corso Como the destination place in Seoul!  Mille Grazie.

Back home, the garden is blooming and it is a new moon – time for new seeds for planting – flowers in the green houses, and ideas in the brain. Let’s start planting!