When traveling eating is always a bit tricky, except when I find the orange chocolate mousse with chocolate leaves by Ducasse. My apologies to all other chefs, but Alain Ducasse’s choices for cuisine and wines are impeccable.  This mousse is exquisite and the best way to make the beginning of my trip a delight.

The red poppies in front of 10 Corso Como are a warm welcome to Shanghai and make me feel at home. Many people stop and take pictures of them, with their children swinging happily on the petals, and the weather today is great and sunny – an amazing blue clean sky to make everyone feel good.

Here, the smiling face of Roberta at the heart of the orange poppy. Seeing her smile reminds me how lucky we have been to have her and Corrado’s mutual passion

for life and food running our restaurant here. Their caring is contagious and delicious.

Simply the best school in Europe for design, art, visual effects, and photography, presents an exhibition and a new book of student work in the Galleria this month. It is I think important to share the youthful ideas of Europe with young Chinese photographers.  The future will be in the crossing ideas of these young talents.

Here, Milo Keller, head of bachelor photography and Antoine Vauthey, head of exhibitions.

Today we spent an afternoon dedicated only to meeting with the young photographers from the schools and universities in Shanghai, with Milo Keller, Antoine Vauthey, the deputy director of Power Station, Lu Xu, Karchun Leung, the editor of Numéro magazine and the  famous chinese photographer Gu  Zheng.

It was extremely interesting to look at the works they brought, hoping we can share some of our experience with them, but as they say,

“A good teacher will have students better than the master.”

Here, nets with ceramic flowers by artist Kris Ruhs will eventually go to decorate the cement walls of 10 CC Shanghai and will be a true welcome bouquet for Spring and over.

In a week that has been exceptionally beautiful here, in the sky floating above Shanghai, the bright Spring moon also says goodbye as I leave to Seoul.