This has been a week of very positive vibrations for me.  A great burst of spring’s energy and with the feeling that all is moving in a good way – getting over our egos, having faith in the universe,

and enjoying every second we spend on even the smallest things.

Symbol of past lives, of joy, of regeneration, and renewal.  Recently I see lots of ladybugs in the house, a real sign it is only my imagination that makes me think it is still winter – their message is for me. Since the middle ages, the ladybug was dedicated to the Virgin Mary and to her spiritual ideals. I don’t know yet which powerful message she is bringing, messenger of promises or joy in life – both are good to think about now.


A new series of ceramics sitting on my desk have welcomed me back from Paris with the positive feelings that animal faces always give…


I was reading Camille Paglia’s book on art history, “Glittering Images”. Paglia writes about 29 of her favorite artworks from pieces of ancient Egypt to Star Wars and its new technology.  She provokes; “engages with courage, audacity and revolt”, as Marinetti once wrote about the futurists.  And certainly the future must be embraced, but to give up art? For a movie technique?  I think not.



Here, a drawing of me by Kris with cat eyes…


One of the most famous double exposure photographs ever taken.

Here, “io + gatto”, 1932, that made Wanda Wulz famous.  Now this self-portrait where she superimposed a photograph of her cat on her face is going up for auction next week at estimate of 100.000 euros. Perhaps more or less, one must wait to see, but how I wish that this gelatin silver print was part of my collection.  To a home where the cat and photograph are both loved, and not sold over and over again.


 An Italian futurist photographer, she concentrated mainly on experimental photography, and joined the Futurist movement after meeting Marinetti, who with his friends had crashed his car in a lagoon after a drunken evening steeped in poetry and mythology, and was dragged out by the local fisherman while writing the Futurist Manifesto, “ We want to sing the love of danger…”! Wulz would join and become one of the most important personalities in the photography futurist movement of either sex. Eventually she left the avant-garde scene to go back into the family business – a portrait photography studio.

And always, whether past or future, in the lives of cats there is drama.

Here, my beautiful white persian cat Betty after a trip to the groomers shares all of her feelings with me.