This seemed to be the longest and most successful fashion week in a long  time in Paris.  So many interesting and new shows, a joy every day.  And everyday a surprise, as though when you catch your breath –  some good – some bad but always startling to the senses. This was true not only at the fashion shows and exhibitions, but also the weather, from rain to cold, from  cold to spring, and always the beautiful evenings skies of every description.

I loved to see the beauty of Rome in “ The Great Beauty”, the movie  that won the Oscar last night for best foreign film. This Italian portrait of  Roman society, directed by Paolo Sorrentino was felt so strongly, with such  beautiful shooting, I am proud to be Italian.

Fifty four outfits combining so many different and creative pieces, it was a constant surprise.  The parka was my favorite piece, and the boots, so great. Surprising  from such an iconic name to see all new. Of course a pleasure for me to see  fashion taking such a move forward. What is even most surprising is to see Hedi Slimane’s influence all over, all  references disappear in his innovative approach to shapes and style.


Paris versus Rome? They are so different, there is no reason to discuss. Rome is more beautiful perhaps…but Paris is where I love to live…


It is most interesting to me sometimes to look at the fashion crowd, waiting  for a new show, a new surprise; it is like seeing myself mirrored in the  excitement…still waiting to see new, hoping for another innovative step, always curious for more, always a shadow to beauty.


Without Rei Kawakubo’s collections fashion would not be fashion any  longer. This time all about oversize shapes-the first gigantic outfit set the  mood – and all the knitwear and the knotted sleeves, the enveloping and, finally, the beautiful fragile ballerina skirt. The concept was Monsters? I  could only see Beauty!


I always say that black is the color of my life, so the Watanabe collection  was just a delight to me.  And so interesting, the mix of all the blacks, and the fabrics to make exquisite patchworks. A pure Watanabe collection .  Another confirmation that there is black – and black.