Beautiful sunny days have been rare in Milano this winter, and this Sunday morning the sunshine makes my cat Blackie – a black bengal –  take a walk on the wild side across the roof – now coming back all proud of her courage into my arms and to rest in the sun.  Today I really wish I had a cat day – lazy and sleeping.

But it is fashion week.

At the Triennale in Milano – on the way to the Costume National fashion show – is a large installation by Bastiaan Arler- a dutch artist focused on sociological research.  This is an emotional and existential flowchart made with tape and adhesive film that covers over  400 square meters.  Here a dancer, all in black, interacts with the dynamics of the installation while exploring the extensions of the human body.

I was told from a friend who was told from another friend…that every time you open your cell phone and you see perfect numbers you are ready for spirituality.  It happens to me all the time, and also to other friends…but are we are ready for spirituality?  Or should we consider keeping the cell phone shut? Stop the race to read and send messages, emails, and pictures? Perhaps we should simply stay calm and meditate with the phone shut?

London fashion week, and the never-to-be-missed Christopher Kane show. Great knits in bright colors; and for the first time, bags. And great flat – flat shoes.

In London a unique gathering of international new talents from across the world; a venue housing 16 countries from four continents.

Here, an unusual approach to fashion.  The Estonian artist and designer Marit Ilison has transformed blankets made for Soviet public housing and hospitals into coats. She prefers not to label her collections by season but instead creates timeless pieces.

With her designs she wants to create an experience.

Now at the Tate modern, an exhibition of one of the great artists of our time.  For me it was a great moment to rediscover the extraordinary and magical world of Paul Klee. Here, “Redgreen and Violet-Yellow Rhythms”, 1920, printed on a tote bag, and exclusive to the Tate.  Bring a dream home for 6 pounds…

Act 1 was in January with the men’s show; Act 2 – from the installation to the music – has been an intriguing and perfectly presented hymn to the German avant–garde achieved in the clear Prada style through the use of shearling. The most beautiful colors for the coats that represented the opposite of rich – shearling versus furs.

It is now  twenty years since Franco Moschino passed away.  His enduring style made even more clear with the reprint of his book “10 years of Chaos” coming soon. The book is all about rational and irrational, positive and negative, male and female…all the complementary opposites, curated with the humor and irony of his talent for his collections. Collections that we see now as wonderful, gentle provocations of the fashion world. Forever in our hearts.