Going to Seoul is always a gift, with an open eye to see this ever changing city, always full of surprises with glowing new buildings, openings, and events, I feel at home.

The 10 Corso Como Seoul ceiling always enchants me.  The way Ruhs designed it, with echoes of the same shapes, but different ways of assembling them, it looks endless, like the sky. I get lost taking pictures of it.


Opening in mid March, the new building by Zaha Hadid ` DDP` Dongdaemum Design Plaza & Park- will change the skyline of Seoul bigtime. The historic Baseball Stadium was demolished to receive this large urban development in the Dongdaemum area.  It will contain a park, a mall, a cultural Plaza for exhibitions, concerts, fashion shows, and performances. It is 25.000 square meters of aluminum panels, impressive to see here in the early morning with the rising sun.

The first thing I saw at 10 Corso Como when I arrived was the book A to Z!

I have not seen it finished, and I could not believe I don’t have a copy myself and here it was at 10 Corso Como Seoul to welcome me.

Great team!  Congratulations to you –  really so much faster than us.

Here, Junsuk proudly showing me the new arrival.

Packaging is an art and our boxes and papers are given great thought. While I cannot even make a good ribbon, I always thought packaging was a very important part of the shopping experience – the childish joy to open a beautiful package, the time one gives to unwrap the object of desire.  Here, In Korea as in Japan,

this tradition is an art I really enjoy watching.



For nearly two years Avenue L 10 Corso Como has been growing fast and all of us have been working very closely together to see this beautiful project blossom…

thanks to all…


On the way to the airport, the city had the most beautiful colours and I feel a little melancholic leaving…I will be happy to return in March for the party.

Perseverance and will… I have wanted to make an exhibition of Blumenfeld and his experimental works since 1993 when I went to see and meet the Blumenfeld family.  Many exhibitions around the world since…and many books…and finally, here it is.  Erwin Blumenfeld at Galleria Carla Sozzani until the end of March, 2014.  A joy for me and all the many people visiting.

But for now I am happy to be home. Arriving late at night, the full moon

was waiting for us to show the path.