The mountains were crispy white and full of sun

when the plane from Milano was flying so low over the snow,

it was so incredibly beautiful and almost scary,

like sometimes beauty can be… nature can leave you breathless…

The interior to the Dior show was a stunning surprise,

with swooping curves and all white, with openings to the light of the blue sky.

And lightness was really the movement that expressed this collection.

An airiness so delicate and feminine.



French ceramicist Valentine Schlegel’s inspirations from nature

always suggested biomorphic shapes. Born in 1925, her small works,

vases and other objects of the 50’s, have such a feeling to them,

but her later designs for large scale interiors and built in furniture

and chimneys also derived from nature – as in the picture here –

for which she became famous at the beginning of the 70’s.

Of the many beautiful dinners at Alaia’s kitchen,

the best memories are when the designer himself talks and talks,

and I get lost listening to him, as my eyes start to open wider.

Sharpened on beauty. Always still learning of couture history.

Here, a surprising swimsuit by Jeanne Lanvin

from the summer of 1924 in black silk velvet all embroidered by hand

 with silver tubes and round mirrors. Cartier: Style and History in Paris

 now at the Grand Palais presents 160 years of Cartier’s influence

on design and fashion – A jewel in itself.

Rubies, pearls, diamonds executed by Cartier

 for the Maharanee of Patiala, 1931.  My favorite part of the exhibition.


Cartier created the most impressive pieces of jewelry for the Maharaja Bhupinder

Singh of Patiala in 1928.  Using the world’s largest stones.

The wearing of jewels has always been an intrinsic part of Indian life…

the glory of the kings made tangible by his jewels…

Here a tiara at the exhibition at Grand Palais.


Always one of my favorite “couture” shows, Maison Margiela ‘s Artisanal collection

is about the use of the unique fabrics collected from all over the world.

The research into the textiles is a very important part

and the respect of the processs of the making makes each piece a collectable.

 On display at the Museum of Modern art in Paris,

this tapestry by Sonia Delaunay “Drakkar”.

A unique piece made in 1972, a year after she had made

the gouache that was its model. Art in tapestry.