The happy circles by Kris Ruhs make my desk

a festive beginning for the coming week.

The circle, symbol of the Sun and sunshine has accompanied us

and 10 Corso Como for over 22 years now. The Egyptian Aten – Sun – Glyph

which is in our logo has been for so many artists for centuries a great inspiration.

Soon the Year of the Horse will ride into Shanghai

for Spring Festival and the new red flowers,

a color of good luck and continuity, will be blooming just outside

our doorway for all the celebration parties. The three big sculptures

by Kris Ruhs are 4 meters high and are made in steel.

Many years ago I decided not to have flowers inside at 10 Corso Como,

better to have them growing in the garden I thought –

so Kris began to draw wonderful flowers for me,

first on paper, then the happy mobiles

that have become one of our signatures.


 A great retrospective of the early work of Austrian artist Hundertwasser

is now at the Cobra Museum of Modern Art. Many of the works have not been shown

to the public for almost 50 years. He worked with wide variations on the circle

and the square as metaphors for the emotions of life.

Endless circular lines always evolving –

for him the straight line is “godless”. Here, peaceful spirals.

The circle with inner dot represents the sun and has since

ancient times been the symbol for the astrological signifier.

It is also the symbol that NASA uses to represent the sun.

It is an ancient symbol of spiritual wholeness,

and was also a shield of protection offered by the sun

against those who ignore its divine wisdom.


The circle and the dot are the essence of the sacred geometry

and the most ancient sign for RA – the lifegiver, the sun.

RA – radiant like gold and silver – here in a relief

from an obelisk of Ramses II, carved in such a way

that it appears as a breast, also a source of nourishment.


The Russian master Vasily Kandinsky loved the circle. This painting called

“Color study of squares with concentric circles”, 1913

shows the freedom of line and expression. As he said,

“Color is the keyboard, the eyes are the harmonies, the soul is the piano…”

 Bringing art into everyday life: Sonia Delaunay’s

fascination with clothing is legendary.

And so is her use of circles to create not only abstract art

but also wonderful fabrics for scarves,

dresses, and bathing suits, often  in bold colors.

For Delaunay it was important not to change

the silhouette, shape, or the cut of a dress –

but introduce bold new ideas in patterns and colors.


Very soon the sun will start its return into our hemisphere –

today there is almost no sun and will only grow shorter until the 21st  December.

All things always flowing back and forth – In either case,

it is always time to celebrate the changes of life.

Here, the design of 10 Corso Como’s music mix, North and South,

the compilation made in 2008 by Roberto Gatti, cover designed by Ruhs.

Even his website is today the circles he immortalized in his clothing lines in the 1960’s.

Everything about Cardin was innovation, to his starting prêt-à-porter,

licensing agreements for his lines, and the designs for everything

from hats to shoes to airplanes and car interiors.

A creative force of great magnitude. Here the cover of the catalogue

we made together for his exhibition here at the Gallery in 2004.