Sunday morning and freezing in New York.  I forget that New York City is on the Atlantic Ocean and it is very very cold here in the winter.  There is a song called, “Sunday in New York” recorded by Mel Torme in 1963.  It is a warm and affectionate tribute to the city’s energy, the everyday poetry of life here, and its perpetual motion.

A very interesting book for me.   This was the beginning when I saw the world in a different way.  Half A century ago now. Two journalists, Robin Morgan and Ariel Leve, have written about this one year, 1963, and how it changed the world in its art, music, fashion and politics.  They remind us of so many things that seem now astounding to have happened only in 12 months – the race to space, the assassination of JFK, the cold war, Bob Dylan, The Beatles, Mary Quant,Biba,The Rolling Stones,Martin Luther King,Andy Warhol…the world forever changed.


13 milion dollars was raised at Sotheby’s “Red Auction” last night. Jony Ive – head of Design at Apple, and the internationally recognized industrial designer Marc Newson selected 43 objects, the best designs of all time.  A Leica camera, a one off, designed by Ive for the sale …and other collaborations between the two were auctioned in support of the Global Fund to fight Aids,Tuberculosis and Malaria.

Lots of iconic design “friends” I recognized in the sale – like my red Olivetti “Valentina” typewriter by Ettore Sotsass on which I wrote all my University papers, or the Castiglioni “Snoopy” lamp (red).  The Harry Bertoia “bird ” chair (red) and the most beautiful Alaia long ruffled dress…(pink !)  It was a great evening for design and charity.

We know dots do not belong to anybody.  Nobody owns the dot, the circle, or the square, but there are dates.  These paintings were made by Sophie Arp in 1937 and 1939 – no more to say really, except “when” a painting is done makes a difference with its acclaimed copies.


Jewellery has always attracted me.  In museums perhaps even more – can’t touch, can’t own,the dream goes on , and every museum always has impressive displays – clearly they are part of the arts.

The glass beads on wire on this painted wood head by Sophie Taeuber-Arp is a beauty standing out at the MOMA.

In the design section at the MOMA, a beautiful modernist bronze jewel by Claire Falkenstein attracts my attention and I recall that she had in 1961 designed the famous gates cast in metal with stones at the entrance of Peggy Guggenheim’s house in Venice and the wonderful collection there.


 From Raffaello to Vermeer… and Rome to New York.  The beauty of paintings such as “The Girl with Pearl Earring” and “Portrait of a Lady” can be seen now in museums like the Frick and Borghese – once private homes now open to share many wonderful works.  The Vermeer hangs by itself in the Oval Room at the Frick so that nothing distracts from it.  A must stop, not only to see the work, but to see the amazing success this showing is having with the public – to see only this one painting…people will always look for truth.

An early work by Raffaello is one of my favorite paintings and it is at the Galleria Borghese.  It was painted in 1506 after the portrait of a Florentine noble woman, but all remain quite mysterious adding beauty…

A trip to Rome only to visit the Galleria Borghese and the incredible beauty of the works…Bernini,Canova,Tiziano,Raffaello,Veronese ,Carpaccio,Lotto, of the most important museums in the world, ….where Caravaggio has a whole room… sometimes we italians seem to forget how priviledged we are.