My favorite corner of the new Shanghai 10 Corso Como,

looking out onto the Golden Temple on Nanjing Road,

doing some slow thinking on how fast time moves –

already planning for future exhibitions and events begins –

and the synergies with Seoul and Milano to work

all together is always an interesting conversation.

Such different cultures, all moving towards

the same destination, is an exciting challenge.

And food and menus have been a big part of the conversation.

We now have three chefs taking care of the

10 Corso Como cuisines… big competition…

There is surely more traffic in Shanghai than Milano,

and the surprising pick up from a friend to go to a nice dinner

in a sidecar motorcycle was a fun moment, across the busy streets

of Shanghai and the millions of lights on a warm night.


Here, a new piece by Kris at the entrance of the 10 Corso Como restaurant.

A big wall with so many circles that I felt as though I could get lost going in and out.


The favorite dream dish for women: “il mio orto”

every day the best vegetables from the market on a bed of olives,

bravo e grazie Corrado!


A funny name for the red large deep-sea prawns,

renowned for their big size and the striking red color.

Here,  steamed by Chef Corrado right at the table…

a treat for the eyes with visually dramatic

steam flowing up and truly a treat for their taste.


Since I was very young and working at the magazines,

I was always fascinated by Domenico Gnoli’s paintings.

His stage designs and his illustrations for magazines

like Fortune or Sports Illustrated are still easily recognized.

So when I took this picture of Shanghai Chef Corrado’s hands

it reminded me Gnoli’s work. Precise, detailed and calm but with great life and energy.


A beautiful jamon iberico, ready to be sliced at the lounge bar,

overlooking the temple, with Chef Corrado taking care

that each cut is done in the perfect way,

an art of carving done for the joy of all of us watching and waiting for a taste.


In Shanghai, in the charming and popular Young Fu area,

Nené is an Italian home away from home

and a cosy little restaurant, where all is fresh

and made with love. A family place, where children

and famous film directors meet and share tables.

A piece of real Italy to enjoy. Not to be missed – the millefoglie!


In Paris I also had a great dinner with Japanese tapas  at “Lengué”,

a cute charming little place, a real slice of Tokyo,

where the food was just exquisite  – little plates to share

– the carpaccio was so fresh, so delicious.

And the wine, a suggestion of the chef, a perfect pairing.



Before leaving for Shanghai, a long dinner in Paris

with friends was all about food and drinks.

It seems today more often conversations are about

quality of food as a very important part of the quality of our lives.