Sunday from my desk


This week in Paris the evenings were spent at dinner tables with conversations

crossing over each other, often about the nature of art and fashion.

Perhaps because the Alaïa show at the Museum of Modern Art

together with the Matisse paintings had attracted such attention

with artists curious to explore this question, the nights were long

and filled with as much food for thought as great Parisian cuisine.

   The best kind of dinners I think. Many were curious to know

if it has always been the case that fashion and art join –

and the answer is of course it has, and actually often seen

through the eyes of the masters of every age in the art we admire.
My curiosity and a pleasant meeting at one of these dinners

with the director of major Russian museum

brought me to get out of the shelves some of my favorite

Russian books seen here. Curiosity is always essential.