So many events to attend, collections to see,

and memorable moments this week during Paris Fashion week.

During the week there is always a focus on the heart

and core of fashion – exploring all the ways that we express

our feelings and desires, our dreams and objectives.

It becomes easy to ask what really is the impact on our cultural society?

Fashion is it also Art? For sure this week it is a medium of very personal expression.

The radiance of the Paris sky at end of day… all eyes had to look up

on Tuesday evening as we left the Alexander Mc Queen show.

The colors of the evening were stunning.

Here, the courtyard illuminated by the beauty of nature in a setting sun.

Tribal pheasant feather headdresses in a Native American mood

were shown at the collection of Junya Watanabe.

The delicate fringed coats, jackets, and skirts

seem far from folklore, and much closer to couture.

Forty one ostrich feather headpieces designed by Stephen Jones

were part of the decorations for Marc Jacobs’ collection

at his last show for Louis Vuitton. Magical.

All black. And with elements from the many memorable collections

he had created for the house of Vuitton,

Marc Jacobs made each individual piece a strong personality.

The show will be remembered for a long time,

and rightly received a deserved standing ovation.

It was a beautiful adieu after so many years

of working at the Paris Maison.



At Comme des Garcons each piece had its own music

and appeared as a collection in itself,

truly this house is a continuous source of inspiration

to those who love fashion.

The master Rei Kawakubo finds new ways

to astonish again and again – keeping fashion alive.




3700 reflective aluminum flowers fashioned by Kris Ruhs

create a magical lighting structure for the staircase

at the new Alaia store delighting visitors

and customers as they move from floor to floor.



A wonderland hanging garden created

with both real and artificial flowers was the incredible

backdrop for the Christian Dior flora collection.

Impressive in both color and texture, it was visually

a perfect background for the collection.

A surprise dinner given by Jonathan Newhouse

 to celebrate Franca’s 25th year at Vogue has been

a great moment with friends in the middle of fashion week

with everyone gathering to spend a happy evening together

to honor Franca’s amazing body of work.