This week any break felt like a wonderful eternity when I could take a pause.

Sitting in the dust and  watching the temple seen here,

from the corner of the lounge bar is so peaceful and

full of good vibrations as we finish the race.

Kris and Caterina.  After over fifteen years working together,

a friendship and respect that grows from the work they truly enjoy.

After five years in Shanghai, Corrado’s only desire is to focus on creating

really fresh and familiar Italian cuisine – no fusion! His wife Roberta is our sommelier.

They make the restaurant so delightful, I hope they have found a home with us.



Corrado’s cooks – impressive group – look amazingly elegant in their hats and…

ready to go!


It is not easy to walk into the intense work atmosphere

that Kris creates when designing new spaces.

Cao, in working his magic with a camera, has become good friend

during the full month they have spent together.

In Italy and also in Shanghai the rain is good luck, so we had our good three hours

pouring rain on Friday 13th for our opening!


It is a long list to thank all the people who, working night and day,

have made possible the opening of 10 Corso Como in Shanghai

right on time – not one second late!

Thank you to all, from the heart.


Zoe found the time and the pleasure to paint her nails

in homage to 10 Corso Como: they look great and added lots of happy fun to the party.