It is Sunday in Shanghai, a beautiful sunny day, and I am finally able

to sit and see the future 10 Corso Como,

Finding my “desk” and a place to sit is now possible, and I enjoy so much seeing this growing project – this puzzle that everyday slowly grows stronger and more sure  – with some panic too, and lots of funny moments, humour helping to overcome the inconveniences that always happen.

What I love is this, the process.


Here, on the top floor,  the skyline of Shanghai is seen a hundred times in this wonderful fish eye mirror behind the bar.



Here, the third floor with just the thinnest of veils of colored sparkling glass separating us from all of Shanghai.



Here, the second floor light wall, each piece painted by  Kris.



Ultraviolet colors for the first floor wall light.

A picture of Kris working taken by Cao Yi, a young really new photographer, with a very good eye. He never took pictures before.

 Here, photos taken by Cao Yi of myself resting and looking out to the golden roof of the temple.