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The Design Book


Jennifer Hudson has been for 15 years  the general editor

of The International Design Yearbook.

In 2010 she choosed 1000 designs from all over

the world and published her first Design Book.

The volume was so well receipt, that we are

now at the 3rd edition on May 2013.

The Design Book 2013 brings together the best in contemporary

design for the home, making every design easy to source.

Jennifer Houston’s selection offers a wide array

 of products that we as consumers can understand and use.

Presents a huge range of  tables and chairs,

 sofas and beds, storage, kitchens and bathrooms,

tableware, textiles, lighting, electronics, and more.

In-depth interviews with twelve key designers explore pivotal projects

like Javier Mariscal, Benjamin Hubert, Jaime Hayon among the others.

Approaches to design Web addresses of designers and manufacturers are given

 for every object, along with full captions and color illustrations,


The Design book

1000 New Designs for the home and where to find them

by Jennifer Hudson

Lawrence King Publishing

24,5 x 21cm, 320 pp, 35 euro

Order online from 10 Corso Como Bookshop