Happening here in Shanghai. My desk right now is whatever surface

I can find to put my I Pad  and I Phone on.

Early Sunday morning in Shanghai and the light

is beautiful even with the subtropical climate.

It is apparently some of the hottest days on record

in one hundred years… in the right place in the right time?

Following the work on the beautiful building which

will host 10 Corso Como is so exciting that I don’t feel the heat.

The 10 Corso Como e-butterflies seem to have flown from Milano to Shanghai and,

like everything here – they are big and beautiful and new.

 The banner with the butterflies that greet all our future visitors

is now dancing in the air above the QR code of 10 Corso Como.

The opening comes in less than 8 weeks…

the butterflies inviting everyone to fly over and join the party.

A surprise to arrive at The Puli Hotel and see this big Rat

at Rat Tar Art Bar on the wall,

huge and cheerful, on the wall there to welcome Kris.

They both seem happy to meet again.



Reflecting the many facets of the 10 Corso Como experience,

a series of mirrors crosses the main floor sending

multiple images of the 23 year history of 10 Corso Como

from the beginning when we started.

Each panel is a part of the puzzle of our piazza in Milano,

and of the beautiful Seoul experience…



It really seems impossible that we have 49 days to go…

the four floors seem so far away,

the countdown has started. Here, pictures

where we are today, Sunday 28th July.

A moment of contemplation in the chaos of construction.


Andre’, the Shanghai 10 Corso Como driving force and team leader.


Every year in Milano we take some time in the summer

to clean the entire building and paint the walls.

While I am in Shanghai, Seoul, Tokyo, it seemed

a good time to paint my home/office…

to welcome me back looking all fresh and full of energy.

Here, the photo I received today of the work in progress –

it will be a very happy experience to see it finished.