Sunday from my desk


Investing five hours in a long car ride is a small price

to pay if it helps encouraging  new talent.

The five hour drive from Milano to Trieste on Saturday morning, in the summer,

with families heading to the beaches and the mountains,

made for slow traffic, but the rewards were great.

ITS, International Talent Support, is hosting their 12th annual show

for fifteen finalists in fashion, jewellery and accessories.

I had the opportunity see the work of all of these young talents and award prizes.

Their thoughts on the future of fashion, and their roles in it were very interesting.

Supporters like Diesel and Vogue Italia have opened opportunities

for young designers for years, and the results are encouraging.

A growing cooperation between the fashion schools

and the fashion industry regenerates and keeps fresh the flow of ideas.

The ride was not so bad after all… as the destination important.