Investing five hours in a long car ride is a small

price to pay if it helps encouraging  new talent.

The five hour drive from Milano to Trieste

on Saturday morning, in the summer,

with families heading to the beaches and the mountains,

made for slow traffic, but the rewards were great.

ITS, International Talent Support, is hosting their 12th annual show

for fifteen finalists in fashion, jewellery and accessories.

I had the opportunity see the work of all of these young talents.

Their thoughts on the future of fashion, and their roles in it were very interesting.

Supporters like Diesel and Vogue Italia have opened opportunities

for young designers for years, and the results are encouraging.

A growing cooperation between the fashion schools

and the fashion industry regenerates

and keeps fresh the flow of ideas.

The ride was not so bad after all…

as the destination important.

Fashion, photography, accessories, jewelry, even films

– all get the  extraordinary support of Barbara Franchin

through the International Talent Support competition

that has been growing in Trieste for twelve years.

Now becoming recognized as one of the

most important fashion competitions,

ITS has opened a window to the future for

over four hundred young fashion talents.

Thanks to the continued support of Barbara

and Renzo Rosso many dreams are now visible.

Last year Suzuki won first prize, so this year he had the opportunity

to show his work to the judges and guests.

The Japanese designer looked back to the Middle Ages

and stripes with a show he called, “The Devil’s Cloth”.

The connection between patterned and

striped clothes  was very  interesting, with an eye to art.

 He hopefully will have a great future in fashion.

This year the jury awarded a prize to Sato for his creativity.

Another Japanese designer driven by research and colors,

he says his inspiration comes from memories – his.

A truly complex work that showed creativity and

 a mastery of craftsmanship used to achieve his vision.

The First Prize in Fashion winner for 2013 is from South Korea.

Another confirmation that Korean fashion talents are growing

and gaining more and more visibility in the fashion world.

His “savage grace” collection is full of references joined with amazing leather work,

all interconnected leathers pieces… It is rare at this stage in

a young career to be able to mix creativity, a look, and craftsmanship

– a master in this work… he really deserved to win.

Xiao Li won the Diesel award –  25.000 euro and an internship for six

months with the company, her dream.  A really beautiful work

in knitwear, mixing knits with silicone,

she achieved her design by using molds of the

knitted fabrics: it is the future of a new wearable material. Brava!

From beautiful Trieste to beautiful Venice: this is an Italian competition!

Leaving Trieste with my Sara we had a great few hours of rest in Venice…

the two of us alone (already an event),

having lunch by the water and looking to the beauty of the sea,

after having seen a great exhibition at the Prada Foundation. Life cannot give better.

Today, The Bern Kunsthalle inside the Prada Foundation

at Ca’ Corner della Regina in Venice, exactly recreates the 1969 exhibition

“When Attitudes Become Form”. It is spectacular to be able to see in the present

an exhibition just as it was in 1969 and to have the opportunity to more

fully understand Harald Szeemann’s vision

as the curator of this show, such a privilege.

 Arte Povera, Anti-form, Process art, Land art, Conceptual art…

To understand the exhibition it was important for me to read his words,

“… the meaning of this art lies in the fact that an entire generation of artists

has undertaken to give ‘form’ to the ‘nature of art and artists’

in terms of a natural process”. And a privilege for me to see again

 my favorite artist’s pieces: Eva Hesse.

“Io che prendo il sole a Torino il 19 gennaio 1969”, 1969

“Model (Ghost) Medicine Cabinet”, 1966

“Felt”, 1967

“Acqua scivola” (igloo di vetro), 1969