I am still in Paris and opposite the desk where I work while I am here is this wall of symbols done by Kris.  At first they all look different, like everyone’s life always seems different.  Then you see the circle at the middle of it all. It is one of our oldest symbols.  A single path that is always equal from the center no matter which way we choose.

 A simple circle.  Here in an oil on paper by Kris Ruhs, and a photo by Xanti Schawinsky, a Swiss artist, of whom we hosted the exhibition “Spectodrama” in 1998 at the Gallery.

When  there is no center, then the line is taken in all different

directions, twisting and turning to create complex patterns and symbols

– building labyrinths where we think it is almost impossible to find the

way out.  But of course the way out is when we find the center.

Walking the labyrinth is an ancient practice; entering the serpentine

path of any labyrinth helps one to slow down mentally,

quieting the mind, and calming the spirit.

To the center and back is the journey of life done with calm and grace.


It is said that finding your soul mate is like finding the perfect pair of shoes… You have to try…and try……and try…….

Cinderella is still the most popular fairy tale for a reason.  Once you find the perfect fit,  it will be for ever.
  Men’s styles in shoes for women are back. What a relief. Here, shoes from the Givenchy pre fall collection. I think the British craftsmen of these shoes were at their best this season and hopefully many more to come.
 And what shall we say about Montaigne? With this amazing view tonight and the unique Parisian sky you forget where you are. Actually in the middle of shopping
 “par excellence”! All the most wonderful designers are gathered on this Avenue now.  It was not always the case. Avenue Montaigne was originally the “allée des veuves”(widows alley) 200 years ago it was where the widows of Paris would come to mourn, now we all come to shop.