The fashion shows in Paris are now under snow.  It is unusual and gives a silent, slow moving atmosphere to the entire city.  It is really wonderful to be able to enjoy the landscapes it creates here in Paris, and see everyone dressed as if they were about to go skating, moving quickly and wrapped against the wind.  It makes me feel as though we were all in a painting, except when looking for a taxi.


The Place de Vosges under the snow looks especially like a painting when seen from above and makes me immediately think of Pieter Breugel’s oil on canvas, “the hunters in the snow” with the black bird flying from one tree to another.  Here a detail of the painting with the black bird and white snow.



The show was so perfectly graphic at Dior homme impressive show by Van Assche.Here the he white shining background and the skinny black silhouettes crossing each other .

 Paris is famous for its skylights, the best for the artists were those facing north.
Northern light is cool so the light would be cool and the shadows would be warm.
These were apparently easier colors to mix in oils, than warm lights and cool shadows, until the impressionists arrived, then all the colors went wild.
Here, the skylights at fashion shows of Dior homme and Lanvin homme, the attraction to the ceiling was as strong as to the runway.

 Comme des Garcons could not be more truly named for this show.  Rei Kawakubo has always had an intellectual approach as much as a visual style that always makes CDG’s shows a surprise and challenge.  Here she shows us the wardrobe of the boys who are not yet men.  Only Commes des Garcons.

With the weather outside so monochromatic, and so many of the shows inside favoring black, the flash of colors here was exciting. And Simons use of only natural materials is always something to enjoy seeing.

 A magic environment in a double circle of candles was the best possible welcome to the Givenchy homme collection as the snow started to cover Paris. Tisci’s balance between youth and couture was right on the mark as his tee shirts came out in luxurious velvets, and leathers to chase away the winter chill.

I love Paris in the winter, when it …..drizzles? Looking out of the window across the rooftops of early morning Paris, I love Paris every moment of the year.