This Sunday I gave my desk over to Kris to begin designing the space of a new

10 Corso Como in Shanghai.  This is for us both an intense effort combining all of the elements of the philosophy of 10 Corso Como into a new location that is all glass and light.  A beautiful space to start with,  it has  been  a whole Sunday of discussion and visualization.

To celebrate the new 10 Corso Como project Kris has arrived with a wonderful talisman for me to wear – completely finished by hand – bent, polished and curved by Kris into this wonderfully open smiling face to begin.

Another smiling character came from Kris’ studio at the same time.  The metal and wire rat is ready for the drinks and party at the RAT TAR ART BAR that will open in the next few weeks at Réel in Shanghai.

Steel wire and painted metal here is combined by Alexander Calder in 1966.  This stabile shares some of the iconic shapes of Calder’s many mobiles in the red metal face and wonderfully spinning white tail.

 They say only cats really appreciate a good meal, but my mothers’ tortelli di zucca (pumpkin)  were so good…I think I should have whiskers today…

Calder did everything.  He would literally make on the spot any useful item for his house, anytime his wife needed something!  His beautiful wire and metal objects are developed here in a set for the kitchen – each a small sculpture made with his hands.


This is one of the most famous still life photos ever made.

 In 1928, André Kertesz  the Hungarian photographer

whose career spanned more than 70 years,

photographed the ordinary tools of life and made them magic.

 Since this picture was made, there have been countless exhibitions

all over the world including here in Milano at our Gallery in 1996.

Gio Ponti designed these three pieces inspired by the rhomboid shape – a spoon, a fork, and a knife – in stainless steel for Krupp, a dynasty famous for their steel production.   Fabricated in 1956, Krupp eventually gave the set to Sambonet in the early 70’s but it was never reproduced. The three pieces together seem to form one single sculptural piece.