It is fashion week, and for some reason there is blue everywhere
this week in Milano, and not only on the runways.
It might be the blue sky and the influence of the summer weather where the skies

deepen blue late into the evenings, or perhaps it is the stories we see now about the water problems all over the world. Too little water and sometimes too polluted to be used even if it is there –  the environmental mess we are in.

This need for a bright and clear blue is reflected in everything I see this week,

from the Polynesia book of Matisse on my desk to men’s fashion.

Always when the summer comes, inside spaces seem small – the blue skies above in
the evening on the terrace where it is light until 9 pm with space
stretching on forever makes walking into the office seem very limiting

so working here is a pleasure I sometimes allow myself.

Watching this new city growing up around the terrace. The buildings grow up so quickly around our rose gardens, they seem like weeds.

The garden here an oasis of green reflected in the facades of sunset colors.

On Tuesday this Joan Mirò painting done in 1927, Etoile Bleue, was sold by Sotheby’s at auction for over $ 35 million, giving confidence

that the real art market is still sky high.

The most pure in both color and shape, the cut outs of Matisse, Formes, from 1947.

The new blue in men’s fashion is seen in Jil Sander’s new collection.

Her vision of purity in clothes is reflected sharply in the choice of the perfect blue.


Roger Federer was seen in London getting ready for the tennis matches

wearing this great color blue both on and off the court.  It is too bad

he must wear whites when he plays at Wimbledon.

Purity of shapes and colors at the Prada show today.

The 1974 film about David Hockney made by Jack Hazan seems to be popular again perhaps because his muse Peter Schlesinger has just had a show in Los Angeles bringing back many images of the international art scene he had taken thirty years ago. Much of his time with Hockney and his friends in London has been collected in his very interesting book Checkered Past.

Here the painting which became the name of the film. It shows the typical
California perfect blue day. It is easy to see Hockney  as a realist painter when
you see in Los Angeles how flat the light can get. The color of the pool,
the sky and the splash of the diver into the same flat surface – all white light
and the color blue into two dimensions.

An article in the Herald Tribune this week about water and the Antarctic raised big questions about what is happening there.
Antartica is the highest,windiest continent on Earth where
penguins, whales, seals, seabirds and all the creatures of the sea are at the
center of this astounding world. It is important for us to think carefully.

What can we do to protect the outstanding beauty here from the global warming?