This week here in Milano was the annual Salone del Mobile. It somehow
seems the most international and interesting week of the year.  Buzzing
with so many interesting and knowledgeable people anxious to find new
things, rediscover the old things, enjoy the odd things and appreciate
the many possibilities we Milanese can experience all year long.  They
make me realize that we who live here should do more to enhance and
contribute to our city.  To promote and protect more our treasures for
our own enjoyment and to share with the world.

Here in the picture on my desk today a beautiful Lucio Fontana

ceramics book and a new ceramic by Kris Ruhs.

In reality it would not be too far in time to imagine bringing Milano
back to its spendors. It was, and still is the capital of design

and has a proud tradition of great art, photography and architecture.

Surely we also as Milanese should think on how to bring the interested

and the curious to visit Milano more than once a year. Easy to say, lots of work to do.

But like the egg, once cracked the future comes…like here, in the beautiful
terracotta sculpture of Lucio Fontana, “concept spaziale”, 1957.

For many years now, as a beautiful tradition during Salone del Mobile,
Mr. Fulvio Ferrari has installed a table with his books and other items of
Carlo Mollino in the Bookshop.  Here every year he meets the fans of
Mollino’s wide ranging talents in art and architecture that made Italian
design so vibrant a period in history.  This year we were delighted to
see Mollino’s pharmacy cabinets of wonders and a few amazing enamel
pieces by Ettore Sottsass.  He is always a pleasant presence to look
forward to see again but it is my privilege to look at his rare books,
late at night, in the peace of the evening when no one is left in the
shop but me. In the picture a Ettore Sottsass enamelled copper tondo, 1958

Jun Mitami is a Japanese mathematician who explains complex 3D equations through origami in paper. Issey Miyake was so inspired that he worked with Jun to make 3D clothing grow from a two dimensional piece of cloth. In this case the cloth for Miyake was recycled plastic. A design in five different ways to hang as art.With the Miyake 132 5 pieces next to Kris Ruhs 3D wall of light, the Salone del Mobile week at 10 Corso Como offered an amazing connection between two talents of great diversity – both exciting – both inventive – sharing the Galleria.

Of the many events we have had this week at the Galleria, one of major
beauty is the wall light of Kris Ruhs.  The tri dimensional construction
directs the light from all directions.  Depending on where you stand,the
wall moves across the spectrum from pitch black to white light.
An amazing design achievement.

The Courrèges Green Car has been in the garden at the bottom of the
stairs to the Galleria and my office for the week. So every day I walk by
this little car from Courrèges and each day I appreciate more and more
the great vision Courrèges had of the needs of the future. Only now do
we realize how much we must take care of our resources – something known
when he was designing trends forty years ago.  I truly love Courrèges!

 So many different and international events this week.  The Galleria hosted a Danish brunch in honor of Georg Jensen’s show of the work of Ilse Crawford on display here. At 9am fresh herring and salmon, fruits and muesli with fresh juices was here to celebrate this continuation of the Jensen design tradition.