While the events at 10 Corso Como in Cheongdam move along day by day, the work at Avenue L is non stop – right now we all wish that we sold beds!  Here the entire floor is beginning to take shape under the hands and watchful eye of master mind

artist Kris Ruhs. While for us the designs of 10 Corso Como at Avenue L have been in light color, I find myself choosing only black and white, white and black images to illustrate my Seoul week.

Here is the coming together of another project of 10 Corso Como and Comme des Garcons.  We have shared space for ten years in Tokyo;  first in Aoyama and now at our new home in the DSMG Comme des Garcons Ginza that opened just a week ago.  Now here in Seoul we will share the entire fifth floor of Avenue L with our opening parties happening on Friday, March 30th.

When 10 Corso Como first opened in Milano in 1991 at the same time as the Galleria Carla Sozzani we also created a small café in the courtyard.  Here in Seoul, as strong in design and just as important we opened a Cafe in 10 Corso Como in Cheongdam. Now, a new design, the 10 Corso Como Avenue L’s Café is taking shape.

For me, the idea of 10 Corso Como  being a place to meet, to share  time with friends and slow shop has always been first.


 Koreans love dolce!  So our café will offer these take away – delicious cakes prepared especially for 10 Corso Como at  Avenue L by chef at Mug for Rabbit, a vey popular cafe in Seoul.


President Obama has arrived in Seoul now and will give a speech tomorrow, Monday, at Hankuk University here. It is a fantasy to imagine what  the scholars were wearing in the old times, when everybody had these  noble sublime robes, while they used to “hak” which means to study.


Many many people are walking through the department stores here looking at  fashions on Sundays, but I am now inspired by nostalgia. Here from the National Folk Museum is a rare ethnic skirt of great beauty.


The beautiful contrasts of Korea – their love for tradition balanced with the avant garde is seen in the Leeum Samsung Museum of Art. Swiss architect Carlo Botta’s masterpiece here to host the incredible ancient and modern korean ceramics.

  Along with sweets, the Koreans also enjoy garlic. It is healthy, cures illness and naturally increases stamina as every Italian already knows. But here, in homage, is a Garlic Tower – a truly unexpected monument unique to South Korea. And a plate of black garlic a truly delicious meal.

 International design in Seoul is very vibrant today and this iPod Dock by architect

Shi-hyung Jeon,  in black and white caught my eye.  It is made from the new material called HI-MACS but shaped like the tradtional Korean robes called han-bok.

Again the balance here of tradition and innovation is very exciting.

 The process  and the experimental act is something that all designers and artists must go through to achieve the goal. It is a necessity that international designer Kwangho Lee has here turned into the result. Known around the world for his looping pendant lights made of electrical cords, here is his do-it sofa also.

Robert Polidori who is now showing his photos at 10 Corso Como in  Cheongdam and Kris Ruhs, here after dinner in action on the 5th  floor of Avenue L that opens in less than a week.


For our 4th Anniversary of Seoul 10 Corso Como in  Cheongdam  we are celebrating with an exceptional exhibition of the works of Robert Polidori. Polidori’s background is rooted in filmmaking, which builds upon a procession of images over time to create the artist’s image. Now, using a large format camera at slow shutter speeds, Polidori continues to use time to build his image.  This technique allows Polidori to capture the qualities of beauty and stillness that reside as the essence of a space, quite opposite from the fleeting moment that does not endure.