It is the Spring Equinox this week – a time of growth and Summer. And the changes and evolution of 10 Corso Como in Asia are truly a part of this season. With all the time zones we have flown through this week, the days and nights might be

equal but we are never sure which is which. 10 Corso Como has a new home in Tokyo

with Comme des Garçons in the DSMG store in Ginza. We left a great party there to fly to Seoul where it will soon be the fourth anniversary

of 10 Corso Como in downtown Cheongdam. And we begin to work on the opening parties to Avenue L, another home for 10 Corso Como and Comme des Garçons in the historic district of Seoul.

 To celebrate the fourth anniversary of 10 Corso Como in Seoul,  Kris Ruhs is  designing a new arcade of the new iconic circles for the worlds

of 10 Corso Como. Black and white circles welcome the rainbow arrival of a new series seen here just being painted and amazingly bright burst of colors! They share the growing energy of our conversations here with our visitors and customers.


 Home to the new design area is the installation of the red and white

Courrèges Revolution collection. In Seoul too 10 Corso Como

is celebrating its 50 years anniversary.

Our new entrance is now the centerpiece for the installation of the red and white Courrèges Revolution collection so that Seoul, Tokyo and Milano all can present this amazing 50 years anniversary of Courrèges.

In the four years since our opening in Seoul, it is a great pleasure for me to watch the growing interest of visitors and customers who appreciate the choices of lifestyle

we offer at 10 Corso Como.

It is clear that the first thing we must concentrate now, is to make a bigger space here in Seoul to welcome everyone into the world of fashion, design, art and cuisine.

So we made a change around and here is the main entrance now.

We went through two days of up and downs, from order to chaos from chaos to order!

Petros, on the right, started our cobranding 10 Corso Como – Comme des Garçons store  with us in 2002 where he was a buyer with long experience in London for Comme des Garçons.  It has been a nice surprise for me to rejoin with him and work to put our new 10 Corso Como space together.  Yo, on the left, has been with

10 Corso Corso – Comme des Garçons for many years as well and has kept our image with great integrity… many thanks to both of them.


This year we are celebrating this iconic brand, which I have been faithfully following since I was fifteen. 10 Corso Como has joined with Courrèges in celebrating

the 50th anniversary of this label in Milano, Tokyo and Seoul….

The Courrèges Revolution is always in my heart.

A surprise visit from British milliner Stephen Jones to the new 10 Corso Como home in Tokyo for the opening of the new DSMG. He tells me he is working on many projects.

Stephen is a friend since my days as editor at  Vogue, when I would climb up the stairs to visit his tiny atelier.  Today he is a star and we can talk with nostalgia of our old friends, mainly Anna Piaggi and John Galliano.

And with lots of love.

The Alaia collections have been a part of 10 Corso Como  since our opening in 1991.  Alaia came to Tokyo for the 10 Corso Como – Comme des Garçons  store in Aoyama and now we move together to our new home in DSMG Comme des Garçons. Seen here with the amazing escalators in the background.

Tokyo for 10 Corso Como is a new design challenge.

Since the beginning of 10 Corso Como we have wanted people to share in who we are, so being in this  super new avant garde department store DSMG  was a real experiment in building the true atmosphere of 10 Corso Como .

We put our heart into designing a special area with only our 10 Corso Como brand and co branding t-shirts, shopping bags and products in general,

and brought along two of our oldest friends, Azzedine Alaia, and the Courreges, whose 50 years anniversary we introduced in Milano last month.

The biggest hit at DSMG has been the new collaboration between Comme des Garçons Play line and Bathing Ape. Bathing Ape, a Japanese company also called BAPE was started by NIGO, a DJ and super star in Tokyo.

People have been cueing all night waiting for the opening to be able to get one of these 8 limited edition collectible t shirts. BAPE has now a book published by Rizzoli that is also a must have collectible.



The new DSMG store is absolutely amazing.

Seven floors with escalators-like a real department store! of discovery and beauty all glued together by the eye of Rei Kawakubo.
It reminds me of the first Barney’s on Seventh Avenue when a trip to New York always included a visit to SoHo and then up to Barney’s to see their windows,

always such an extraordinary mix of discovery and surprise.

This feels the same to me. Now it is a trip to Tokyo to ride the escalator of DSMG and see the blend of art, creativity and fashion of Comme des Garçons

before anything else.